The Case for Entrepreneurship

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The enemy of entrepreneurship is conformity, and conformity derives its power from being so well distributed.

There is no central power dictating conformity-inspired speaking notes, nor is there an executive command conscripting new recruits, motivating seasoned veterans, or deploying soldiers to wherever manpower is needed to take up the fight against optimism, bravery and hubris.

There isn’t even a Ministry of Conformity, a national or international organization, or even a Meet-Up group, for that matter.

And yet, conformity manages to act as one of the most powerful forces holding us back, second in my mind only to gravity.

I got to thinking about the power of conformity to halt entrepreneurship after a series of discouraging conversations I have engaged in since moving back to my adopted country of Ecuador with the intention of undertaking a variety of entrepreneurial activities.

Throughout these conversations I noticed two simple assumptions which are dogma for the safety-seekers and ignored by true entrepreneurial types. They are:

1.) Entrepreneurship comes from common sense, and your idea will never work. 

2.) The entrepreneur is an über-talented god-like genius. You don’t have what it takes. 

Allow me then to deconstruct and rebut each of these arguments, a task I undertake as much for your benefit as for my own (click the link to keep reading).


Acerca de Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

A former Google and Twitter manager, Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo is the founder and CEO of Céntrico Digital, a managed marketing services company.
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