Homenaje al Parque Metropolitano

Me disculpan pero solo encuentro las palabras para describir lo que siento en este momento en mi idioma materno:

Driving from the valley up towards the plateau that holds San Francisco de Quito like a bowl displaying a prized ornment, the nocturnally absent hills were divided by bright orange lines, stretching like a varicose vain across the night sky. As we got closer the invisible smoke infiltrated the car. We breathed it in, and in doing so the ashes of our park found their final resting place in our lungs. Someone chose to send the rest of us a message yesterday to remind us of our vulnerability by setting alight Quito’s magnificent Metropolitan Park. The park sits on the edge of the plateau, and from its peaks one can look out for miles over the adjoining valleys, and on clear days a number of volcanoes come to view. Quito became the city it is because the Incas saw the strategic value in being able to see so far out so as to eliminate the possibility of a surprise attack coming from the West. The park is full of reminders: for me, the homogenous Australian eucalyptus trees stand as a reminder of the fragility of eco-systems, given their tendency to take over and kill all other native and non-native tree species. The colonization of these lands is ever present. At the same time, the park is a refuge from the city, allowing us to easily escape from the man-made stress-inducing bloated transport balloons known as cars in order to breathe in the silence of the trees. The message we are to receive as a result of this cowardly act is a reminder of our vulnerability, and that others can express power over us. As if from the combination of authoritarian governments, police strikes, floods, volcanos, traffic accidents, earthquakes, etc., the people of Ecuador needed more reminders of our vulnerabilities. Power is an illusion we all have the ability to create. Choosing not to do so for the sake of others is the essence of what makes us a community. We may have a country, but we need more community.

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